Twitter log of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) meeting


On Thursday, Feb. 17, the Arizona Board of Regents met at ASU on the first day of their two-day conference to speak about pressing matters facing the three in-state Arizona universities. Using Twitter as a news medium for abridged — but timely — content, I endeavored to keep up with reporting on the meeting as it happened. The following are my Tweets from about 9 a.m. to noon. They are organized in reverse order, from the most recent Tweet concerning the meeting to the first.

Visit for more content concerning the meeting in Tempe, including the second half of the conference on Friday.

At #ABOR — That’s all on the agenda for NAU… lots of discussion of ASU, UA topics today. I’m out — thanks for following!
At #ABOR — 2:30 p.m.: Approval needed from the regents to spend $9 million on bringing the Science Lab Building (#17) up to building codes.
At #ABOR — After tuition discussion, NAU seeks regent approval of litigation (tax appeal) against the county on behalf of Drury Inn.
At #ABOR — After the break at 1:30 p.m. : tuition and fees.
At #ABOR — Meeting adjourned until 1:30 p.m.
At #ABOR — Regent Mariucci: “NAU is Arizona’s provider of distributed education and alternative pathways, statewide.”
At #ABOR — Crow said NAU and ASU are working together on Lake Havasu project.
At #ABOR — Regent McLendon: “One concern I have while we’re making plans for the future is that we don’t lower our standards.”
At #ABOR — What Haeger and Shelton are talking about right now is not competing with each other in a small student market like Yuma.
At #ABOR — Shelton: “[NAU is] going to bring excellence. They are going to bring a whole set of degrees we are not in a position to offer.”
At #ABOR — Shelton: “It makes no sense for [UA] to be in Yuma and offer a second-class program when NAU can offer a first-class program.”
At #ABOR — Again, sorry I’m running a bit behind. I have to keep pausing my feed to stop and get quotes from the regents & presidents.
At #ABOR — Haeger: “Arizona is the #1 net-importer of college freshman.” Is basing that assertion off of 2006 data.
At #ABOR — Haeger: “The growth in Prescott Valley depends solely on us being able to tap into the high schools…”
At #ABOR — Crow: “It’s not the NAU of the old days. It’s the new NAU, with two extended campus seedlings.”
At #ABOR — ASU’s Crow: “NAU, in the context of what was just presented, is birthing two state colleges…”
At #ABOR — I’ll be sure to ask Haeger in a future interview if he sees NAU as an imperial power. Independence for Yuma and Yavapai?
At #ABOR — EC: “In 16 years, it will be a question of colonialism. Should NAU-Yuma remain part of NAU, or should it be it’s own university?”
At #ABOR — “… Yuma State University. NAU-Yavapai into Yavapai State University.” Said by Regent Calderon.
At #ABOR — “In two generations of regents — 16 years from now — I hope the question before the Board is how to spin NAU Yuma into…”
At #ABOR — NAU is using the term to describe costs WITHOUT financial aid calculated in. At least that’s my understanding at this point.
At #ABOR — There’s a few discrepancies over the term “sticker prices” today. ASU used the term to describe costs WITH financial aid figured.
At #ABOR — Hurst: “NAU-Flagstaff, with it’s ‘Pledge’ rate, is the cheapest option of the three [state universities].”
At #ABOR — Haeger: “At NAU-Yavapai, we’ve tried to take that next step as far as governance.”
At #ABOR — Haeger: Reverse-transfer process / initiative is a “win-win.”
At #ABOR —”We are in discussions with the community colleges about ‘reverse-transfer.’” Apparently, this means going from NAU to AZ CC’s.
At #ABOR — According to NAU’s slides, $27,856 is the cost of a 4-year tuition at NAU Mountain Campus.
At #ABOR — Haeger says NAU Yavapai will have the “lowest tuition in Arizona. It’s based on trying to get a student through in 3 years.”
At #ABOR — Hurst: “In the last ten years, we’ve seen an increase in off-campus, extended campus credit hours from 37,000 to 60,000.”
At #ABOR — Hurst’s PowerPoint slide is titled, “NAU is Arizona’s Statewide University.”1/3 of student head-count is off-campus.
At #ABOR — Hurst, referring to extended campuses: “We’re the first university to offer a number of different programs.”
At #ABOR — Here’s Haeger’s box that Shelton borrowed. Displays mission focus and variables dependent on those various focuses.
At #ABOR — Haeger: “The most expensive education is in a research university.”
At #ABOR — That’s Fred Hurst, senior vice-president for Extended Campuses, btw.
At #ABOR — Haeger and Hurst are up. NAU time.
At #ABOR — Confirmed. Myers in my earlier Tweets was another regent. I think the name plates are either misplaced or my camera angle is.
At #ABOR — UA rep on night / weekend classes: ”We went to 1,200 — 1,500 students three years ago to almost 7,000 students this last fall.”
At #ABOR — UA rep: “At Pima [CC], there may be 121 degrees, but there are 79 or 80 of them that are pretty integrated now.”
At #ABOR — UA’s representative speaking says UA modeled their PowerPoint chart off of NAU’s. I was wondering where I had seen it before.
At #ABOR — UA’s representative: “What that involves is really taking a hard look, as other universities have, at our curriculum.”
At #ABOR — Shelton: “We, like all of you, are aware of the precipitous decline in state support.”
At #ABOR — UA and Pres. Shelton are up.
At #ABOR — May have mistaken Regent Myers as Regent DeConcini earlier. The camera angle on ABOR’s live feed is a little strange.
At #ABOR — Going to be Tweeting a bit slower. ASU politics isn’t my thing. I’ll wait for Pres. Haeger to take the stage.
At #ABOR — Crow: “Average undergraduate from ASU graduates with $19,000 of debt. That’s well below the national average — well below…”
At #ABOR — ASU’s response to Myer’s point about wanting innovation to drive down costs: “Some programs are very, very expensive.”
At #ABOR — Crow claims their average tuition figures (“s.p.”) does not include student loans. Regent Myers is asking questions.
At #ABOR — John Huppenthal, speaking on 8th grade and secondary education students: “We ought to focus a little more on them.”
At #ABOR — Starting to wish all speakers had name-tags. I missed the full introduction of “Betty,” and they are not going to repeat it.
At #ABOR — ASU’s chart does seem to indicate that they are comparable to AZ CC’s, but there’s a bit of confusion as to what the #’s are.
At #ABOR — 4,500 students at West / 2,000 students at Poly will have reduced s.p., according to ASU official accompanying Crow.
At #ABOR — “s.p.” meaning sticker price here, ASU’s word for tuition cost with financial aid considered.
At #ABOR — ASU wants tuition approved where ASU West is 10% off s.p. and lower-division ASU Poly Tech is 25% off s.p.
At #ABOR — Crow: “We are at the quality threshold. There is no retreat from the present position we have on quality…”
At #ABOR — Crow: “We have 34,926 who are residents of the state of Arizona attending [ASU]. 17,000 pay no tuition, at all.”
At #ABOR — President Crow: “Most institutions are excellence only, access only… period.” Trying to explain how ASU is different.
At #ABOR — Each of the universities is about to make a presentation to the regents. ASU’s first.
At #ABOR — If you’d like the feed of the meeting, here it is:
Apologies in advance about the timing of my ABOR tweets — my Internet is a little shaky this morning.
At #ABOR — I guess NAUY could also mean NAU Yuma. Definitely talking about NAU Yavapai in this instance.
At #ABOR — Prescott Valley councilmember is currently speaking to regents about NAU-Yavapai. Brought the 1st student to ever enroll in NAUY.
At #ABOR — Students are not clearing the floor. Security has been called to remove them from the floor. Security does so.
At #ABOR — Aforementioned students are laying on the floor, playing dead. “I see your smiles, and we will not let our cries be silenced.”
At #ABOR — Students currently speaking to the regents call ABOR actions “clear leaps towards privatization.”
At #ABOR — ASU graduate student tells regents that she found out about program disestablishment through “student media sources.”
At #ABOR — Former UA basketball coach Ben Lindsey is addressing the regents about a book that calls his 1-year career at UA “infamous.”

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