SoundCheck: Whitesnake’s Forevermore


4.5 out of 5 Stars

Few rock bands (and I mean real rock bands, Nickelback!) that were born in the 1970s made it through the years of Wham! and Britney Spears. Whitesnake, led by lead vocalist David Coverdale, is one of the few groups that actually managed to stay true to rock-n’-roll and continuously play music. They’ve watched the industry go from Led Zeppelin to William Hung, and now they’re back with their latest release, Forevermore, to remind the world that rock music will live forever, and more.

The album is driven by ear-gasmic guitar solos and Coverdale’s stick-it-to-the-man, wailing vibratos. Forevermore’s first track, “Steal Your Heart Away,” is a high-powered opus that tells listeners to expect exactly what should be expected from the band: bluesy guitar riffs, harmonicas, and pure freakin’ awesomeness that sounds like Howlin’ Wolf having sex with Jimmy Page while the Jonas Brothers watch from a window. Far from their ’80s hit “Here I Go Again,” the songs in Forevermore are tough and play straight through with fluidity. Even when things mellow down with the selected slower songs — the title track included — you never lose touch of whom and what you’re listening to. The only aspect on the album that could use some fixing up would be the cliché lyrics about lost love and women. But hell, their music almost wholly makes up for that complaint. To any lover of rock who is looking for both crunch and munch, find some way of getting your hands on a copy of Forevermore.

Best Tracks: “All Out of Luck”, “My Evil Ways”



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