Criollo: Latin kitchen in your backyard


If flattery could be defined as a restaurant, Criollo Latin Kitchen would fit the very description. The atmosphere is very rich with extremely helpful waiting and service. The downtown kitchen (16 n San Francisco St.) is known for its authentic Latin tastes and grand wine selection. The owner of Criollo, Paul Moir, also runs the Brix Casual Fine Dining & Wine Bar, which is well known in the Flagstaff community for its exquisite tastes, extremely casual air and being a gigantic local connoisseur. You can expect the very same from Criollo.

Criollo serves a wide array of dishes from all times of the day starting at 11 a.m. from lunch to late at night to 12 a.m. For those breakfast goers, like myself, brunch starts at 9 a.m on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Breakfast Burrito ($8) is great for anyone wanting to get the best out of local growth in the morning. Everything about it is mouth watering. It’s stuffed with local cage free scrambled eggs, filled with bacon, rice and black beans, all wrapped in a tortilla served enchilada-style. Or the Huevos Español ($9) comes with jamón Serrano, poached eggs and the rest of the breakfast standard.

For lunch, the Pollo Diablo Sandwich ($10) is a fantastic choice. The chicken breast is grilled to perfection, and the roasted jalepeño & bell peppers add a spicy tang to the pallet, toping it all off with Chipotle Aioli for a pleasant strength to a sandwich. For those just wanting to enjoy the rich atmosphere, but not be left out of the dinning, all sides come at a $3 flat price.

Criollo’s goal, according to it’s website is to: “ … utilize these [locally grown food] whenever possible to bring to you the highest quality foods.” I can say without a doubt that Criollo delivers the highest quality that can be found in Flagstaff, which from a level of dedication and style rarely found in local cuisine.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.




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