Humans VS Zombies returns to NAU


Shayana Galliher

Freshman “human” Efren Duran visits while sophomore “zombie” Shannon Murphy and freshman zombie Lauren Spencer feast in the Student Union on Oct. 30. (Photo by Amanda Ray)

You may have noticed students on campus running, grunting or crawling after each other this week. No, it’s not the aftermath of midterms or a pre-Thanksgiving slump. At midnight on Monday, this year’s second-annual Humans vs Zombies began. Armed with only Nerf guns and identified by bandannas on their arms, the human population must fight to survive in this post-apocalyptic game.

While most players begin as humans, a select few are the “Original Zombies.” These “OZs” must try to infect the rest of the humans by tagging one at least every 48 hours. If a zombie does not get his or her teeth on some juicy human flesh for two days, they starve to death and are out of the game.

The necessary equipment for any player includes a bandanna, foam dart blaster or sock and an NAU ID.  The game also has some “no play zones” where players don’t have to worry about being attacked: during class, in the shower or on the treadmill. No dart guns can be shown and no player can be stunned or tagged. Safe areas include academic buildings, Health and Learning Center, Cline Library, residence hall rooms, dining halls, bathrooms, indoor athletic facilities and buses.

The rules are simple. Humans can tag an oncoming zombie with the Nerf gun, giving them 15 minutes to run for their life. If a human is tagged or “bitten” by a zombie, that person must change their bandanna after one hour. For zombies, each one must feed every 48 hours.  Zombies must wear their bandannas around their head all the times. A bite is equivalent to just a firm touch on a human’s body. The zombie must then collect their ID number and report each feeding on the website.

Bryan DeTarr, a sophomore business administration major, is one of the hosts of NAU Humans vs. Zombies. He explains the game has made its way across the country and provides a great get-away for students as the semester passes its mid-point.

“A couple campuses on the east coast came up with it. Many campuses have their own variation of the game. We adopted it to fit our NAU needs. We made it so students could get away from the stress of school. It’s a game of tag, mixed with hid-and-seek, mixed with cops and robbers,” DeTarr says.

DeTarr and the other hosts truly try and make the game fun and safe for everyone.  Rather than a normal daily schedule of class, homework and studying, students get to experience a heart-pumping race against the undead between every class and around every corner. Fighting to stay alive, humans must always be on high alert and watching their backs.

Everyone is playing the game to have fun, so players are on the honor system to not lie or cheat. Players are expected to treat each other with respect and have a good time during the Halloween season. The game will last as long as it takes for one side to overcome the other. If you’d like to play or get more information, visit their Facebook group, NAU Zombies vs. Humans II.


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