Police beat


Compiled by Gary Collins

Nov. 4

At 12:10 a.m., a student reported they were assaulted by a head-butt at Gateway Marketplace. Officers responded and the case is still open pending investigation.

At 11:56 a.m., a faculty member called from the Physical Sciences building to report trash had been strewn through the second floor lobby. Officers responded and determined the damage had been done by an unknown animal that had entered the building.  A search for the offending animal was in vain and the custodial crew was called to clean up the mess.

At 12:28 p.m., a student at Reilly Hall called to report their bicycle had been stolen from the bike rack. Officers responded and closed the case after exhausting all leads.

Nov.  3

At 2:22 p.m., staff from Aspen Crossing called to report individuals were sitting at a picnic table and lighting leaves on fire on the table top. Officers responded and gave field interviews to five suspects. They were instructed to cease and desist in the activity.

At 2:49 p.m., park rangers from the United States Forest Service (USFS) arrived at the Northern Arizona University Police Department (NAUPD) in an attempt to locate the president of a fraternity in connection with a party that had been held on USFS land.  The partygoers had left a bonfire burning, fraternity paraphernalia, trash and had committed other crimes. Escorted by NAUPD, the USFS Rangers contacted the suspects at Mountain View Hall and cited three individuals for littering and failing to extinguish a fire.

At 6:32 p.m., a call was received reporting someone skateboarding on the top level of the San Francisco parking garage. Officers responded and warned the suspect that skateboarding was not allowed in the structure.

Nov. 2

At 10:41 a.m., a student called to report his ex-girlfriend had violated an Order of Protection by contacting him at the Cline Library. Officers responded and have turned the case over for further investigation.

At 4:07 p.m., a woman at the South Apartments called to report her husband was being verbally abusive. Officers responded and separated the couple. A report was taken for informational purposes.

At 10:14 p.m., staff from Aspen Crossing called to report they detected an odor of marijuana emanating from outside at the southwest corner of the building. Officers responded but were unable to locate any offenders.

Oct. 31

At 5:16 p.m., a student from the Biological Sciences building called to report their bicycle had been stolen from the bike rack.

At 6:28, a student from the Chemistry building called to report a black tire had been stolen from their bicycle.

At 7:28 p.m., a student from Wilson Hall called to report that two bike wheels had been stolen.

Officers responded to each of the three calls, took reports, and the cases were closed due to an exhaustion of leads in those cases.

Oct. 30

At 9:03 a.m., staff from McKay Village called to report a resident was assaulted by her roommate. Officers responded and separated the two roommates. They took a report for informational purposes. The offending roommate will be moved to another room.

At 11:13 a.m., staff from Tinsley Hall called requesting medical transportation for a resident who had fractured their ankle the previous day during a basketball game. Officers and emergency personnel responded and the student was transported to Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment.

At 1:35 p.m., staff from Cline Library called to report someone panhandling in front of the building. Officers responded and advised the suspect panhandling was not allowed at this location and asked him to leave.

At 10:55 p.m., staff from Aspen Crossing called to report individuals engaged in the smoking of marijuana in the quad area. Officers responded. One suspect was deferred for possession of drug paraphernalia and two others were deferred for smoking marijuana.

Oct. 29

At 12:02 p.m., staff at Gabaldon Hall called to report they had been informed by a resident that their roommate had been smoking marijuana. Officers responded but could not detect an odor and they further noted the room was vacant at the time.

At 5:38 p.m., the resident hall director at Pine Ridge called to report two males who were suspected of selling drugs between Pine Ridge and McConnell Hall. Officers responded and determined the individuals were only smoking a cigarette.


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