Jack Chat: Savana Bezdicek


(Courtesy of NAU Athletics)

By Eduardo Garcia

The Lumberjack had a chance to sit down with the freshman golfer Savana Bezdicek. Through her three tournaments, Bezdicek has helped the team achieve three top-10 finishes. The latest tournament the Lumberjacks went to was the Cowgirl Desert Intercollegiate, where Bezdicek tied with senior Stephanie Kim heading into the final round before finishing tied for 31st. Bezdicek talked with The Lumberjack about her high school coach and why she chose NAU over other schools.

The Lumberjack: Among the various tournaments that you played in, which has been the sweetest and why?

Savana Bezdicek: Probably the last tournament in Portland, because my dad, mom, aunt and sister came, so I got to see my family and I shot 3 under. So, it was a fun day.

LJ: What can you tell me about your high school coach, Eleen Northcutt; is she related to some of your success?

SB: She has definitely helped me work on my positivity over the years in high school. She has taken care of us, gave us whatever we needed and [was] always so supporting. She is great; we always compared her to like the great aunt we never had.

LJ: Why NAU? Why not Oregon St. or Lehigh?

SB: NAU had the best of everything! My family in Arizona was a big reason why I came here. I don’t have any family in Oregon. Lehigh has a really good engineering program there, but it was way too far to go.

LJ: What kind of engineering are you looking into?

SB: I have no idea right now. Maybe biomedical, environmental or computer science. Anything but civil; civil is awful.

LJ: Who or what deserves credit for your success on the golf course?

SB: Probably my parents, because they are both naturally athletic, so I got a lot of that. My dad was the one that got me started. My swing coach down in Phoenix, Tim, he has completely changed my swing over the years, and my sister. It’s always good to have someone to practice with and compare swings and she always help with my swing when it goes down.

LJ: What can you say about your sister Sierra?

SB: She is a character. It’s always me telling her what to do. We are pretty good team; we are completely opposite so it works out really well. She has the most funny, awkward and embarrassing moments. It’s awful for her, but for me it’s awesome [as she laughs] because they are hilarious, and she is one of my best friends. I miss her.

LJ: You made history for your [high] school, the first individual golf state champion, how was that feeling? How did your school treat you?

SB: It’s awesome! I like leaving records behind. We have this thing in my gym where all the state champions get a plaque with like what they did and their name; I think that they are still putting mine together.

LJ: Has there ever been a time when you just wanted to quit golf? Why?

SB: Yes. My junior year, that was my worst year and it was a bummer because that’s when all of the recruiting comes in and I was like — I hated it — and I was playing so bad and it was so stressful with school. I was just like okay, this is how I’m going to pay for college so I have to get through this, and now, I’m back. [laughing]

LJ: What motivates you every day?

SB: Well, pretty much golf. That is my mission here. That is why I came here. That is my job here for the next four years. I also really want to get a good degree, to be successful in life. That is the reason why I work hard.

LJ: What advice do you give to young players out there?

SB: Just not to get frustrated. Patience is true to every aspect of life, like you just have to wait for what is coming. It’s going to happen when it happens. Now golf wise, it’s definitely being patient. Like every day is not going to be a good day, you’re going to have your struggles. So just stay determined and have goals for yourself.

LJ: Who is your favorite actor of actress and why?

SB: Ryan Gosling, because he is extremely attractive [laughs]. If I could pick Justin Timberlake, he is my favorite actor and singer. Steve Carell, he is like an all time favorite, probably.


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