The Expendables Q&A


By Tyler Miranda

(Photo courtesy of The Expendables)

Raul Bianchi, lead guitarist of The Expendables, chatted with The Lumberjack reporter Tyler Miranda about their upcoming show with Iration at the Orpheum Theater.

The show is Nov. 8; doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance and $22 on the day of the show.

The Lumberjack: Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out with this article.

Raul Bianchi: No problem, anything to help out.

LJ: So for the people that don’t know The Expendables, where are you guys from and how did the band get started?

RB: We are all from Santa Cruz, Calif. and we basically started a band because our old guitar player’s mom was having a birthday party and wanted a band. We learned a bunch of covers and played a backyard BBQ. We were just awful, but we all had a blast.

LJ: How has the tour been going so far?

RB: The tour has been great. A lot of fun places, and going on tour with your friends is always a blast.

LJ: How did you and Iration meet each other?

RB: Iration was on LAW Records and so they were friends with Pepper. We had already done a couple tours with Pepper so that was a mutual friendship and the next logical step was for us to tour together. So, we did that a few times.

LJ: Why do you guys always come back to Flagstaff to play shows? Anything in particular you guys appreciate?

RB: Flagstaff is actually a fun market to play and the shows always go off. So, as long as people keep coming out, we will keep coming back.

LJ: What are your guys’ plans for a next album?

RB: We’ve already written around four to five songs so we are going to start recording, hopefully early next year.

LJ: What is your favorite band that you have ever gone on tour with?

RB: All of them. We’ve never had a bad touring experience with a band — nobody that we wouldn’t want to go on tour again.

LJ: What is your guys’ favorite food to eat while on tour?

RB: Depends on where we are in the country — anything from sushi to BBQ to pizza to Mexican food to steak to pho.

LJ: What are you currently jamming out to on your iPod?

RB: So many things, but I just recently bought Dethklok’s Dethalbum III; it’s amazing.

LJ: What are your views on college?

RB: We all went for a few years but dropped out to try and play music for a living. My parents were both educators so they instilled the importance of education in me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take their advice. I just knew that the only thing I could do for a living that would make me happy is playing music, so I went for it. When the band ends, I’d like to go back to school and get into the business side of the music industry.

LJ: What advice do you have for any aspiring artists that are trying to make a living right now in Flagstaff making music?

RB: Find a group of musicians that you gel with, personally as well as musically, and practice as much as you can and make sure you stick together.

LJ: I know you guys love the San Francisco Giants, so how did you guys celebrate the World Series victory?

RB: We were in Jacksonville Beach on stage and were watching the game on TV during our set. We caught the end of the tenth inning and the celebration after our encore. We celebrated like any men would: I jumped in my drummer’s arms and we shared a warm embrace. Then we went and had a few beers.

LJ: What are your guys’ views on this election?

RB: After watching the debates, I just became disheartened by all the B.S. that each side is spewing. I don’t think any politician has the best interests of the citizens in mind. How’s that for a safe noncommittal answer?

LJ: Does Geoff [lead singer] have the glorious mustache back?

RB: It’s back, but has been recently trimmed so it isn’t as glorious as it once was, but it’s coming back.


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