Quickflick: Silent Hill: Revelations



By Jayson Burns

Thoughts on the first Silent Hill movie from 2006 are still mixed to this day. Some hated it, some enjoyed it. Without even taking the original into consideration, its sequel Silent Hill: Revelations may actually be a contender for worst movie of the year.

Set several years after the original’s ambiguous ending, Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) has followed her dad Christopher (Sean Bean) to a new town, having changed her name to Heather in order to avoid the cult that captured her in the ghost town of Silent Hill. When they are finally tracked down and Christopher is kidnapped, Sharon and her mysterious classmate Vincent (Kit Harrington) follow them back to Silent Hill, exactly what the cult wanted.

It’s hard to decide where to begin with this story. The filmmakers decided to incorporate the “evil god-summoning” plot from the games, disregarding or changing several plot points established in Silent Hill. Some story elements are also kind of thrown in without any acceptable explanation.

It’s sad to say this about legitimate actors like Sean Bean and Kit Harrington, but everybody gave a lackluster performance. Also, there were quite a few Australian and English accents coming from these American characters. This, of course, could be partially blamed on the directing and the script writing, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

The writer of Revelations does not know how the average person talks. Its obvious Adelaide Clemens is trying to make her dialogue work, but moments such as her last lines of the movie are just awful. The pacing is also off, with some scenes having no impact on the rest of the movie. At least in the original, the dangers Rose faced were intimidating and had some kind of point.

Practically nothing can be said in praise of this movie.


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