Quick Flick: Man With The Iron Fists


By Travis Guy


Harkening back to the classic kung fu movies of the 1970s and ’80s, The Man with the Iron Fists epitomizes the classic films with a modern day feel.

Rapper turned actor and now director RZA made his first venture into the director’s seat and the writer’s table, creating a movie that, while may be lacking in the story department, makes up plenty with action.

The story is simple: multiple clans in a village in China fight to acquire the kings gold.

RZA’s character, Blacksmith, makes weapons for all of the competing clans while attempting to stay neutral through any conflict. After he is pulled into the ensuing war, he does what he has to do with the assistance of acting veterans Russell Crowe (Jack Knife) and Rick Yune (Zen Yi, X-Blade).

Aided by a supporting cast that consists of Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung and Byron Marshall, as well as martial artist Cung Le and former pro wrestler Dave Bautista, the hard-hitting cast makes the 95-minute film fly by while they preform the fight scenes with the kind of fluidity you would expect to see in an Anderson Silva fight.

Assisting RZA with the writing duties was cult favorite Eli Roth, meaning The Man With The Iron Fists does have more than its fair share of gore. While this movie is not for those with a weak stomach, if you are a fan of martial arts movies or action in general, this is  a must see that will bring back memories of The 36th Chamber, Drunken Master and Ip Man.


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