NAU loses professor in cycling accident


By Aurelia Acquati and Sara Graper

On Nov. 25 at12:20 p.m.,NAU Honors Department professor Everett Ramsay, formerly Akam, died due to brain injuries sustained from a cycling accident.

The accident occurred Nov. 12.According to the police report, Ramsay was found along Lake Mary Road. It is presumed he fell off his bike face-first.  When he was found, he was unconscious with injuries on his face and no movement in his arms and legs.

Ramsay was in the intensive care unit in Flagstaff.

Earlier, students and faculty heard news of what they believed was improvement.

Ramsay had surgery to stabilize his neck and was going to be transported to Phoenix for rehabilitation.

However, unforeseen complications occurred when bleeding his brain was found. According to Ramsay’s Facebook,  his wife and fellow Honors professor Anne Scott was then faced with the difficult decision to take her husband off life support.  He died two hours later.  Had he woken up, he would have been paralyzed with limited brain function.

Ramsay was an avid bicyclist. According to an email sent to Honors students, his colleagues and students commemorated him for his sense of humor and determination. His life was described as a unique story and all who knew him were in awe of his experiences. His students described him as a challenging, but caring professor.

Honors Program academic adviser Katie Sheridan described Ramsay as “a wonderful teacher, colleague, friend, husband, father, and stepfather — a gentle and caring man with a fine intellect and a great sense of humor.”

“He always had wise words to say in any situation and a hearty guffaw for the most corny jokes. It is so hard to know that such a fine man is no longer with us. He will missed tremendously by the many who knew and loved him,” Sheridan said.

Currently, details for a scholarship in his name are being discussed.

There will be a memorial for Ramsay at Cline Library on Dec. 7 at 5 p.m.


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