Quickflick: Life of Pi


By Alyssa Burkett

Rating: 4.5 stars

Life of Pi is a striking recollection told by the sole survivor of a tragic ship wreck and his attempt to return to the populated world.

Beautifully depicted and at times heart-wrenching, this film has been built in excellent juxtaposition to the book by Yann Martel it is based on. This is a story about personal growth and holding onto hope. As a film, it is a work of art on its own.
Known as “Pi,” Piscine Molitor Patel (Suraj Sharma) is a boy who had been uprooted from his life in India with his family after an anticipated financial crisis and the decision his father made to sell their zoo. Before they could reach their destination, a terrible storm ends the family’s voyage and Pi finds himself on a life boat with handsomely named Bengal tiger, Richard Parker. The remainder of the film is never short of breathtaking sceneries, providing a window to the lightshow found in deep waters and a magical meerkat island.
This film is one more revolutionary step in moviemaking in terms of CGI and visual advancements. It is a simple story provided with a breathtaking backdrop of the unexplored. Life of Pi addresses questions about faith and inevitable doubt through a person’s personal experiences.

Through the movie, the audience is forced to cope with several losses and hardships experienced by a boy on a boat with a dangerous companion. The film’s message is relative to what its audience takes from it as a spiritual adventure through the self. Life of Pi concludes with an open-ended question from Pi as a much older man and the lesson he learned about the importance of saying “Goodbye.”




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